Watercolor with Nancy Buening, Supply List

Watercolor with Nancy Buening

Supply List

  1.  Brushes
    • One flat watercolor brush size 3/4″
    • One #8 8 round sable watercolor brush that comes to sharp point
    • One #2 or 3 round sable watercolor brush that comes to a sharp point


  1. Palette & Water Container
    • A white, water-resistant surface, (i.e., a butcher tray, plastic tray, metal cake pan)
    • A low, flat, plastic container; avoid tall, thin containers


  1. Painting Board & Way to Attach Paper
    • Painting Board examples: Masonite, plywood, two pieces of cardboard taped together, foam board
    • Attachment examples: mailing tape, strapping tape, stapling gun, clamps. These are used to attach paper to paint board to keep it flat and avoid warping


  1. Watercolor Paper
    • 300 lb. cold or rough press, is preferred
    • Should not be less than 140 lb., Avoid hot pressed, it is too smooth


  1. Small Sponge for Texture


  1. Spray Bottle with Fine and Heavy Spray


  1. Watercolors
    • Only use reputable brands (i.e., Grumbacher, Winsor & Newton, etc.)
    • No “Grade school paints” (i.e., Prang, Crayola, etc.)
    • Palettes can be arranged in class
    • Beginner/minimum palette:
      • Cadmium Red – Ultramarine Blue
      • Cadmium Yellow – Viridian Green or Thalo Green
      • Ivory Black
    • Advanced palette:
      • Alizarin Crimson                    – Cerulean blue           – Sap Green
      • Aureolin Yellow-Lemon – Cobalt                       – Vermilion Red
      • Cadmium Red Light – French Ultramarine  – Winsor Blue or Thalo Blue
      • Cadmium Yellow Deep – New Gamboge         – Yellow Ocher


  1. Reference Materials and Subject
    • Be set up and ready to paint before the second class