Wanda, Ryan and Lilliana Kerns

Wanda, Ryan and Lilly

We are a Family Business: Wanda, Ryan and Lilliana Kerns.

“My husband, daughter and I each have our own strengths and ambitions to share.  My husband loves woodworking and making the frames.  He says, ‘It’s not work, it’s fun.’

My daughter is a confident social creature who expresses herself well and provides assistance with hosting customers artistic ideas and maintaining our nice, clean gallery space.

I love the frame designing.  With the right frames and mats, I can help guide the viewer to see into another world and direct them to see what the artist wants them to see. The frame shows where the imagination ends and the real world begins.

We moved to Sheridan in 2013 and believe that Sheridan County is the best place to live in Wyoming. The amount of culture, art, and entertainment for the population size is amazing. There are a lot of opportunities to be had in Sheridan. Ultimately, our goal is to help artists get their work framed and displayed, and to help collectors find the kind of artwork they are looking for.” — Wanda Kerns

MaryB Tanner


MaryB Tanner joined the Expressions team in November 2016 as a Creative Designer. She has been framing in Sheridan since 2002 and brings a wealth of experience and energy to the team.

Wendy Gale, Gallery Assistant


Wendy Gale joined the Expressions team in 2017 as a Gallery Assistant. Wendy assists with the management of the art gallery, sales, and marketing. She is dedicated to making us look good.

Mona Garber


Amy Cox