Mounting and Backing

We can mount a variety of objects and styles for you.

  • We can Dry-Mount your work, which ensures your artwork will not buckle or slump in its frame. (This is a very effective procedure and can remove wrinkles or keep your photo or art looking sharp for years!) Previously, Dry-Mounting was permanent, but we now have a 100% reversible and acid-free Dry-Mounting option available!
  • Archival Mounting is available. This is a nondestructive way of mounting that can be 100% undone, allowing your artwork to be retrievable in its original condition.
  • We can mount heirlooms such as jewelry, keepsakes, medals, and more in a Shadow Box.


If you have a special photo or art piece that is backed by cardboard, we highly recommend you replace it with acid-free foam core.  We carry it and would be able to replace it.

Cardboard is very, very acidic.  We have witnessed many damaged pieces as a result of being housed with cardboard. If you are unsure as to whether or not your older project has cardboard on the back, please bring it in and we can check for you!