As part of our commitment to protecting your artwork, all of our mats are acid-free.

Matting plays an essential part in separating your photographs and artwork from the glass. We also use it to bring depth and focus within the artwork or photographs, which add to the viewer’s experience.  (We do offer glass spacers as an alternative.)

There are three main types of matting we want to tell you about.

  • We do not carry basic matting, which looks good but is not acid-free.  It can, with time, damage the artwork or photographs it is housing.  You can identify acidic matting fairly quickly by looking at the cut edge.  If it is yellowed, more than likely it is acidic.  These mats are usually available for an affordable price in retail stores.
  • Conservation Mat Board is certified as acid-free and will protect your work for years.
  • Rag Mat is the highest quality mat board with 100% acid-free construction. This type of matting is often used for valuable pieces and museums ensuring the long-lasting protection of the contents it compliments.

We carry both Conservation Mat Board and Rag Mat.

We also carry fabric covered mat board, and many other fun textures.

We work closely with Sheridan Trophy to provide brass label plates to add to the quality of the piece we are working on when requested.

New Mat Cutter

We are fortunate to have a recently released computerized mat cutter in our store. Our computerized mat cutter allows us to create a wide variety of matting styles to emphasize and customize the style. We can not only cut fancy designs but we now also offer embossing and the use of pens on mats.