Custom Framing

Image: High Noon, Photographer: Arthur Dailey, Designer: Louise Moran. Framing: Triple Stacked – The outside frame imbue’s the feel of the water tank’s wood panels and dried grass around the tank. It is complemented by the old rustic metal style of the inner frames. Matting: 6 Ply Mat (6.5″ wide) with a black liner. Glazing: Museum.

— By Expressions —

We believe strongly in the power of a mission statement.  And like a frame, it is a window to the world you want to create.  You can either be inside looking out at the possibilities or using it as a door to get to them.

Our mission statement is our road map showing our destination.  It is a constant reminder to us about where we want to go and to others so they can help us get there.

Thanks to the leaders of the Renaissance artists such as Michelangelo, the exploration of how frames relate to the work and the environment in which they are placed became an art form in its own right.

Style, regardless of the medium, is indicative of the particular values of an era and a society.  Ideally, picture frames should reflect the style of the subject and the values of the owner of the artwork. As well as preserving.

Every project can be custom fit. We can frame just about any size, from six inches to six feet. We carry a large variety of moulding, ranging from barnwood to leather to metal.


We have hundreds of styles/mouldings available


As part of our commitment to protecting your artwork, all of our mats are conservation acid-free.

Matting plays an essential part in separating your photographs and art work from the glass. It also can define depth and focus within the artwork or photographs and very much add to the viewers experience.  We do offer glass spacers as an alternative.

There are three main types of matting we want to tell you about.

  • Basic matting looks great but is not acid free.  It can, with time, damage the art work or photographs it is housing.  You can identify acidic matting fairly quickly by looking at the cut edge.  If it is yellowed, more than likely it is acidic.  These mats are usually available for an affordable price in retail stores.
  • Conservation Mat Board is certified as acid free and will protect your work for years.
  • Rag Mat is the highest quality mat board with 100% acid free construction. This type of matting is often used for valuable pieces and museums ensuring the long lasting protection of the contents it compliments.

We carry both Conservation Mat Board and Rag Mat.

We also carry fabric covered mat board.

  • Our computerized mat cutter allows us to create a wide variety of matting styles to emphasize and customize the style.
  • We work with Sheridan Trophy to provide brass label plates to add to the quality of the piece we are working on when requested.



We can mount a variety of objects and styles for you. For example,

  • We can Dry-Mount your work, which ensures your artwork will not buckle or slump in its frame. (This is a very effective procedure and can remove wrinkles or keep your photo or art looking sharp for years.
  • Archival Mounting is available. This is a nondestructive way of mounting that can be 100% undone, allowing your artwork to be retrievable in its original condition.
  • We can mount heirlooms, jewelry, keepsakes, medals, and more in a Shadow Box.


If you have a special photo or art piece that is backed by cardboard we recommend you replace it with acid free foam core.  We carry it and will repair or replace the backing on your pieces as you need and affordably.

Cardboard is very, very acidic.  We have witnessed many damaged pieces as a result of being housed with cardboard.


There are a variety of glass available depending on your framing needs.

  • Premium Glass
  • Conservation Clear – provides 99% UV protection to prevent or slow fading.
  • Conservation Reflection Control – Provides 99% UV protection and a soft effect that reduces glare from windows or heavy lighting.
  • Museum Glass – This amazing glass is nearly invisible.  It has nearly no reflection and is 99% UV protectant.  On small pieces, the additional cost for the enjoyment is minimal.   On larger pieces it is considered an investment but you are guaranteed to love your results and the photos or artwork it houses for years and years to come regardless of lighting.